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ProductFeature of EDCAM

By utilizing 3-D model data in the electric discharge machining process, you can reduce the confirmation work on-machine by dry run simulation and also you can easily make electric discharge machining programs.


Dry run simulation

dry run sumulation

You can check machining positions, electrode shapes etc. by dry run simulation on your PC screen.

Watch video

You can watch a video of Dry Run Simulation.(10.7MB)

*Flash Player is necessary to watch.

Electric discharge data uptake function

EDCAM can read the necessary data of machining positions without manual input from CAD.

  • Reading electric discharge machining positions, electrode reduction, orbit pattern, etc from "EPX data"
  • Uptake of electric discharge machining positions by an easy operation from "3D models and 2D DXF files"
  • Reading electric discharge machining positions, electrode reduction, orbit pattern, etc summarized in "EDCAM Excel Templates" (Excel sheet)
Electric discharge data uptake function


Machining condition database

By the information such as work material, electrode material and electric discharge area, the most suitable machining condition is set from about 3,000 kinds of the machining condition database of EDCAM.

machining condition database

Setting of the machining method

You can easily set orbit function by machining shape.

Available for various machining contents

  • normal
  • lib
  • connector
  • pin gate
  • speaker grill
  • pull-out machining
  • small hole

Original machining condition database by user

You can build your original machining condition database from machining that you have done.

Use of ATC

Use of ATC

You can easily make a machining program which is adapted to ATC.


Function to save machining contents

You can save the machining content which you have made.
You can use the save file anytime if necessary.

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