MAKINO Cam system for wire cut EDM WIZ

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What is WIZ?

WIZ is the most advanced CAM system for wire electric discharge machines developed for precise parts, die and mold.
The greatest points are that you can set machining conditions with the database same with your machine, and that you can do dry run simulation of the NC program which is added machining conditions and offset on CAM. Because this makes adding machining conditions and checking shapes on the machine side unnecessary, it is effective in shortening setting time.
Please try it by all means.

Realization of great shortening of setting time

To shorten setting time before starting actual machining is the problem of wire electric discharge machining.
By introduction of WIZ, it can be realized to shorten setting time greatly.

Effect of introduction of WIZ


We opened the website of "WIZ", a CAM system for NC wire electric discharge machines.

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