FFAUT is FF machining CAM software developed in-house by machine tool manufacturer Makino Milling Co., Ltd.

Utilizing the advanced technical know-how that we have accumulated as a machine tool manufacturer, we focus on CAM, which is directly linked to machining, to realize simple operability with multi-function and high performance. Please check out the CAM system unique to MAKINO, who knows everything about machining.

CAM system FFAUT

In mold processing, where both high precision and reduced processing time are demanded at micron-level accuracy, it is necessary to have a processing program that minimizes heat generation during processing and avoids tool issues even during high-speed machining. That’s why we, a leading provider of precision mold machining centers with a high market share, developed FFAUT to fully leverage its machine performance for our users.

The key feature of FFAUT is its ability to achieve optimal path planning based on the FF (Fast Finish) machining theory, covering everything from roughing to finishing operations. Specifically, it enables stable high-speed machining with minimal tool wear and breakage. Additionally, FFAUT incorporates practical cutting conditions based on our extensive machining experience as a machine tool manufacturer.

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