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Standard Functions

Basic Functions

FFAUT is the CAM software that has been developed by machine tool maker Makino.
Our product offers you the simple operation with multiple function and high performance.
And this also can offer you our advanced technical approach or solution

Machining condition can be set easily

Just specified a material, tools and a machine, suitable machining conditions are indicated. Even if an operator is not yet experienced, he/she can operate the high-speed machining program.

Optimize PC perfomanse

Efficient implementation is possible in NC data generation for large shape or sophisticated shape that require huge volume of calculations.

Versatile functions

Major Functions

  • Along surface machining
  • Contour Z spiral motion
  • Rough contour machining
  • Flat machining
  • Smooth Cornering movement
  • Stock Machining
  • 20 Route Machining
  • Contour projection machining
  • Contour Finish Machining
  • Drilling
  • 3D equi-pitch machinig
  • Core/ Pocket Machining
  • 30 Curve Machining
  • Trochoidal machining
  • Flat Edge Machining
  • Contour Projection Machining
  • Burr Removing Operation
  • Corner Edge
  • Contour Gap Machining

Optimization of tolerance values

Setting smaller tolerance values in NC programs results in smooth machine motions which produce smooth machined surfaces.
Smaller tolerances also mean smaller angle changes between NC blocks.
So the machine can decelerate less at corners, which has direct effect to reduce the machining time.

Left: Tolerance values ±0.001 mm
Right: Tolerance values ±0.0001 mm