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Version comparison

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Version comparison : V.19.0

Machining Function

Contour Face Cut Machining / High-feed Machining

The exclusive cutter paths are generated and output for "High-feed Machining" with utilizing the characteristics of the high feed milling cutter.
Machining time is reduced with the best cutter paths.


Follow Follow (High-Feed Machining  
Modified tool path is output to pass through the uncut portions. Pick width in XY direction is also adjusted.
Follow Follow (High-Feed Machining  
Forward and reverse tool path that passes through the center of uncut portions is output.

Add of Pseudo R Function

Outputs the tool path by adding R-shape corners to the concave angle portions of the machining geometry.
Reduces the load of tools when using the tools in R corners and deep grooves for rough machining. Also, users can omit the addition of R-shape corners during modeling.

Image of Pseudo R Addition

Corner R portions Deep groove portions

Examples of Tool Path Outputs (Corner R Portions)

Without pseudo R addition With pseudo R addition

Add of the Model Vertex Auto Recognition Function

Automatically recognizes the machining geometry vertices and adds the tool path of rough contour machining to its Z level.
Reduces the uncut portions between contour steps at the machining geometry vertices to prevent holder interference.
This function can be used for "Contour Rough Machining", "Contour Semi-Finish Machining", and "Contour Finish Machining".

Normal Contour Machining
Contour Machining Using [Model Vertex Auto Recognition] Function

Green line : Tool path added by [Model Vertex Auto Recognition] function


Add of New Functions to CSG Data Output Function

It corresponds to Professional 6 (Pro 6).

Professional 6 : Advanced control device designed to maximize mechanical performance.