3-D CAM System FFCAM


Based on FFCAM, a customer can select and add the necessary function.

5 axis Machining

It would defy the common wisdom of 5 axes machining that was once taken for the granted.
The concept is "Anyone can create NC program of 5 axes machining easily".
To create the NC program of 5 axes machining as operating the 3 axes CAM.

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Machine Simulator

Machine simulation operates with "NC program" used in an actual machine.
The complicated behaviors such as indexing machining or simultaneous 5-axis machining can be verified during checking a realistic machining simulation before an actual machining.

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Hairline Finish

Cutter paths created with the FFCAM are converted to cutter paths with effective hairline.

VERICUT Interface

This function outputs information on machining work piece and tools, etc. from FFCAM to VERICUT (cutting simulation software).
This enables FFCAM --> VERICUT NC simulation flow to be carried out smoothly. VERICUT simulation can be started in just three clicks from FFCAM.



VERICUT is the trademark of CGTech.
It is used to simulate tool path motion and the material removal process, detecting errors or areas of inefficiency in NC programs.

When the toolpaths for simultaneous 5-axis machining are converted to NC data, it becomes difficult to predict machine movements owing to the influence of such factors as the machine configuration and limitations.
For that reason, it is essential to have simulation software for visually checking machine movements by taking such factors into account before starting to machine.

CATIA Translator

The CATIA Translator Converter lets you convert CATIA V5 to Parasolid formats..

Input File

CATIA V5 Type: [.CATPart]
Version:R8 - R23 (V5-6R2013)

* CATIA® is registered in the US Patent and Trade Mark Office by Dassault Systemes.