3-D CAM System FFCAM

Selling Point

FFCAM supplies "High Quality of NC program"phrase the most quickly.
Here are some of the key features of FFCAM.

Simple & Smart

FFCAM has normal machining parameters as the template for rough, finish, corner and other machining.
Templates can be edited and registered by customers

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Database Enhancement

FFCAM has the database that can offer you the best machining condition automatically.
The database is included in FFCAM as standard.
And the best machining condition is set with referring the actual tools and workpiece materials.
So this can improve your working performance.

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STL Model Machining

Digitized data and design geometries (CG) are output as STL data.
Smooth processing of huge gigabyte-size volumes of STL data.

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Useful Functions for Toolpath Creation

FFCAM has the functions for the creation of high quality NC program easily in a short time.
The functions can be realized improving the performance of model editing time even by beginners.

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Built-In High-Speed Simulator

The build-in speed simulator can show the workpiece status immediately with machined by a calculated toolpath.
The simulator informs us certainly and rapidly about the collision of the tool against the workpiece, the tool path and the status of the cutting path, the uncut part and others.

High-accuracy Machining Time Prediction

The expected time of processing is output to LST, TCSV and CSV files with considering the acceleration or deceleration by Super GI.4.

  • What is the "Super GI" control?

    This shortens machining times in high-definition milling of dies and molds by 15% on average and by up to 30%.
    Super GI realizes its maximum effectiveness especially when machining at high feedrates resulting from higher spindle speeds.
    Super GI control further enhances the high-speed performance of Makino machining centers.
  • This can be used for only our machining center.
  • Canned cycle of Drilling is not supported.
  • Simultaneous 4-axis and Simultaneous 5-axis Machining are not supported